"CLC has been a dream come true for our family. When we began looking at preschools for our son we knew we wanted a stimulating environment with loving teachers. What we found at CLC is more than we could have hoped for. Every day our son comes home excited to share what he has learned during the day. He is proud to show off his projects and to sing songs that he has learned in class. He has developed friendships with his classmates and loves participating in classroom routines. The most amazing aspect of CLC though has been the relationships he has developed with his teachers. They truly understand and appreciate him as an individual. We are so appreciative of the fact that he is able to learn surrounded by adults who care about him and who he grown to love. Furthermore, as a teacher I love that CLC follows the public school calendar. I enjoy having my son home with me over holiday breaks and summer vacation. The overall flexibility of schedule options at CLC is definitely an added bonus. We could not be happier with the experience that we have had!" --The Kelly Family

"We came to tour CLC to see if it was a good fit for my preschoooler for next year. We loved the small facility, the playground, all of the teachers were so welcoming and the children seemed to be having a great time. When we stepped in the Bluebirds classroom my child turned around and actually said, "Mama, I think we've found the perfect school for me." She stayed with the class the rest of the day and we enrolled her the following week into the current year's program. When we booked a tour of the school we had no idea that our child would love it so much she would want to start immediately! CLC has given my child a huge gift, to love and trust her school. She loves going to school and adores her teachers. I've also made friends with the moms of her friends in class! We would recommend CLC wholeheartedly and have had nothing but great experiences here." --The Schneider Family

"I fell in love with this place the minute I walked through the door! It is such a happy place. Everybody is happy. Teachers and children alike. This is a true pearl of a school. I did a lot of research before choosing it for my son, touring many of the nearby preschools and while I liked certain aspects of those schools, I just LOVED this school from the moment I walked through the door. Lots of pros, and just a few cons.


  • Teachers are wonderful. Full of energy and enthusiasm. Many of the teachers have also been there for many years. Two of the teachers in particular, Mrs. Zechar and Mrs. Harper, who are in the room for the 3-year olds, have been teaching at the school for more than twenty years and their experience shows. They are extremely patient and good at dealing with any issue arising.
  • Director: Is fantastic. Lots of positive interactions with parents and children alike.
  • Classrooms: Really like their set-up. In contrast to most other preschools, they have separate classes for 2, 3 and 4 year olds (with 3 and 4 year olds merging for aftercare). Also in contrast to many other preschools, classroom sizes are small with a maximum of 15 kids per room with 2 teachers.
  • Playground: Is good. It is fenced in and away from any large roads or neighbors. It is also relatively large, with different activity zones.
  • Program: Very flexible. They offer 2, 3, or 5-day options and various part/ full time options.
  • Price: OK. It is not cheap but -- at least for the full-time program that my son is enrolled in -- it is comparable to, or even lower than, prices of most other schools in the area.
  • Cons: Not many. The main one, at least for me, is that the school does not offer a 12-month schedule, which can be a problem for households with two working parents. Note that while the school is sharing grounds with a church, it is not actually affiliated with that (or any other) church." --The Blair Family
"This is the 3rd pre-school we've attended with our children and we've been the happiest at CLC. The teachers are what sets it apart and makes it the best pre-school experience for our little one!" --The Grenier Family